Conservatory Window Tinting

Why choose us for Window Tinting for your Conservatory Glass/Polycarbonate Roof and Windows?

  • Most cost effective professional solution available, far cheaper than expensive ineffective blinds/ net curtains
  • Reduces glare at source by up to 90%
  • Reduces solar heat gain at source by up to 79%
  • Blocks 99% of all damaging UV Rays reducing fading to furniture and fabrics
  • No more maintenance than your existing glass
  • No place to harbour dust and insects
  • No fixing / holes, so keeps the existing clean lines of your conservatory
  • Retains the full view through your windows
  • Helps to reduce heat loss
  • Window film will make your glass stronger
  • Improved appearance/privacy of your existing glass
  • Up to 15 years manufacturers and installation warranty
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A conservatory can be a fantastic addition to your house bringing a feel of being at one with the outside space of your property whilst remaining comfortable. Heat and glare is the main issue that needs to be overcome to get the most enjoyment from your conservatory. There are ways of trying to deal with these issues such as expensive blinds which will obscure your view, they won’t stop the heat at source and the suns damaging UV rays will degrade them over time. Insects are also a problem as they inhabit areas like this causing a mess and staining which will require regular maintenance.

Having film applied to your conservatory will reject up to 79% of heat at source whilst reducing glare by up to 89% it will also block 99% of UV rays with the massive benefit of creating no more maintenance than your existing glass. It is a cheap, fast and convenient product to have fitted and will create no holes in your trims etc giving you the nice clean lines that you liked when choosing your conservatory.

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs

UK Tints have a specialist film that we can apply to this type of roof. This film is Silver In appearance, it will block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, reduces glare by up to 71% and provides 70% heat rejection. Our Polycarbonate film has an 8 year Manufacturers and installation warranty.

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