Commercial Window Tinting

Benefits when tinting commercial buildings

  • Significantly saves energy cost through reducing dependency on air-conditioning
  • Allows natural light alleviating the need for supplementary lighting, whilst keeping employees comfortable from excessive glare
  • Keeps employees protected from direct heat normally transmitted through windows which can cause fatigue and reduce productivity
  • Can be used to make your glazing regulation 14 compliant
  • Most cost effective professional solution available, cheaper than expensive ineffective blinds
  • Available in many different frosted/decorative finishes
  • Reduces glare at source by up to 90%
  • Reduces solar heat gain at source by up to 79%
  • Blocks 99% of all damaging UV Rays reducing fading to furniture and fabrics
  • Protects employees from harmful UV rays (dermatology specific films are available for people with light sensitive conditions)
  • No more maintenance than your existing glass
  • No place to harbour dust and insects
  • No fixing /holes required
  • Retains the full visibility through your windows
  • Helps to reduce heat loss
  • Window film will make your glass stronger
  • Improved appearance/privacy of your existing glass
  • Up to 15 years manufacturers and installation warranty
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UK Tints can supply and fit a wide range of window films for commercial buildings including offices, factories, industrial units, showrooms and shops. We have many different films to solve common glass related issues such as Heat, glare and UV Reduction, fading, safety, security, privacy and glass decoration.

Heat penetrates unprotected glass/windows causing hotspots and creating uneven temperatures. This can make employees uncomfortably hot, drowsy, less productive and increases the demand on air-conditioning/energy usage. Our range of window tinting films can block up to 79% of solar energy at source, creating a cooler more comfortable environment. We can also offer low emissivity (Low E) films for suitable glass without a manufactured Low E coating included, which not only reduce solar heat gain during the summer but reduce heat loss during the colder winter months.

Glare can cause many problems in the workplace, if you use other window furnishings it is likely that you would close them to block uncomfortable glare. Window film allows natural light reducing the need for supplementary lighting but still blocks the excessive glare that makes you uncomfortable and stops you viewing your computer screen clearly. The UV protection (99%) will help protect your employees and property, this makes an easy decision to install film in your workplace.

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